How Sketch Took on Adobe by Making a Faster, Leaner, Cheaper Image Editor

When Pieter Omvlee was tasked with designing a simple drawing application as part of his computer science class at the University of Twente in the Netherlands, he set about creating… Keep reading

How theSkimm Grew to 7 Million Subscribers in 7 Years

Competition is intense for startups in every industry, but there are few industries harder to crack than media. With an already intimidating array of major media conglomerates competing for audiences’… Keep reading

Net Promoter Score, The Ecstasy of Business Metrics?

Net Promoter Score® (NPS) has come under scrutiny. Everything from the way it’s calculated, the 11-point scale used in the survey, and its lack of correlation to company growth. “It… Keep reading

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Fifty-five Percent of Companies Use this One Method to Measure Customer Happiness

Fifty-five percent of people measure customer happiness in exactly the same way based on a recent survey I conducted. They’re all using this quick way to get a sense of… Keep reading

Is Snapchat Going to Die?

By 2011, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn had effectively dominated the social media space so completely, it felt like there wasn’t room for another social app. However, to Evan Spiegel, then… Keep reading

Your product team needs these habits to grow the business faster

Learn the five product habits that you need to find the critical problems that customers have and solve them better than anyone else.