The Startup / Medium:

The Psychology Concepts You Need to Use for Designing Good UX.

Good UX is all about user perception.

Appcues Blog:

20 growth experiments to improve your activation rate

Improving your activation rate involves showing users value as soon as possible. Growth experiments can speed up the process by motivating users to take action.

The Startup / Medium:

100% effective method to kill innovation at your company

Is innovation important to your business? Probably yes. Are you having a team or a department of innovation? Likely. Are you sure you are…

ProductCoalition / Medium:

Is Your Product Vision Moving People in the Right Direction?

A meaningful, motivating product vision enables teams to advance to a purpose-driven mindset.

ProductCoalition / Medium:

How we used the Superhuman Product-Market Fit to learn what to build and whom to target

A few months back I read an amazing Blog post by Rahul Vohra about how Superhuman was able to reach Product-Market Fit. The normal…

UX Collective / Medium:

Working as a UX-lead

As I have just outlined what I think it’s like working as a UX designer, I thought it would make sense to follow up with what I’m doing…

ProductCoalition / Medium:

Focus on what really matters: Lesson learned as a product manager

Things about product management that I learned the hard way, but you don’t have to

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