ProductCoalition / Medium:

The Collision of Product Management and Product Ownership

A story of love, hate, oppression and triumph

UX Collective / Medium:

The confidence game in user research

One of the many ways to think about user research in product development

ProductCoalition / Medium:

Different kinds of product managers, what kind are you?

How to evaluate and find the best suitable role for you as a product manger?

The Startup / Medium:

The two types of MVPs

and how we misuse them

Sachin Rekhi / Sachin Rekhi:

Video: The Style of Product Management

Video: The Style of Product Management Slides: The Style of Product Management Essays: The Art of Being Compelling | Engaging in Product Debates In January I was invited to Atlassian to share my wisd...

Appcues Blog:

3 Fundamental User Onboarding Lessons from Classic Nintendo Games

Classic video games can teach us a lot about user onboarding—including how to design for naive users, provide instructional scaffolding, encourage progress, and boost engagement. Here are 3 key user o...

Payam Rajabi / Abstract Blog:

Bringing intentionality into design: Why you should commit early and often

We’re all familiar with the cliche that work will speak for itself. So often, when we’re designing, we do so without stopping to reflect. We assume that the output will communicate what we want it to....

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