ProfitWell Blog:

What is a pricing matrix? 4 Pricing matrix examples for high growth

Ah, pricing—the core of your business. Your pricing page is where the magic happens. It’s where you show your potential customers that your service is worth their dollars. Your pricing page is where y...

Sachin Rekhi / Sachin Rekhi:

Design Your Development Process for Learning

One aspect of startups that the ecosystem is getting better at is designing our startups for learning from our customers to find product/market fit. Steve Blank and Eric Ries helped popularize these...

Shayna Hodkin / Inside Design:

How to choose an artboard naming convention

Artboard naming should be a science. Gone are the days of “Homepage_final_FINAL_copy6," long live consistent processes and conventions. The post How to choose an artboard naming convention appeared fi...

Michael Thomas / Drift Blog:

Longform Content Marketing Formats Proven to Drive Results

When Matt Ogle and his team at Spotify launched Discover Weekly, the company’s game-changing “made for you” playlist, they accidentally shipped a few bugs. As a result, the algorithm suggested songs t...

Appcues Blog:

5 ways PMs can improve product adoption today

Improving product adoption has an outsized impact on customer retention, user engagement, and revenue. It's one of the most important metrics SaaS growth, regardless of company size. Here are 5 proven...

Kimberlee Meier / Drift Blog:

How Workflow Automation Can Eliminate Boring Daily Tasks, Forever.

Few tasks are more soul-destroying than manual data entry. Inputting prospect information into a database is repetitive, boring, and takes a ton of time. Not to mention the room for human error. If yo...

Smashing Magazine:

How To Ensure Your Design System Helps To Achieve The Purpose Of Your Product

(This is a sponsored post.) Design systems help product teams to approach design with a system in mind. But not all design systems are equally effective. Some design system help product teams create c...

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