Smashing Magazine:

Design Systems Are About Relationships

Design systems can be incredibly helpful. They provide reusable elements and guidelines for building a consistent “look and feel” across products. As a result, users can take what they learned from on...

Amy Schroeder / Abstract Blog:

8 critical skills of effective design leaders

Inspiring, confident, and creative are all traits you’d likely expect of strong design leaders, and these qualities are absolutely necessary. But how do they inspire with confidence and creativity? Wi...

Shanelle Mullin / Drift Blog:

The Step-by-Step Guide to Solving Your Landing Page Problems

One of my favorite marketing quotes is from Peep Laja of CXL. He wrote, “Other people’s A/B tests are other people’s solutions to other people’s problems. Your website has specific problems, not gener...

Appcues Blog:

The real impact of in-app messaging on end-user retention—learning from our customers' success

Does in-app messaging really improve user retention? We analyzed real Appcues customer data to find the answer. Learn how we isolated the right variables and measured the impact of Appcues on 1-day an...

Sachin Rekhi / Sachin Rekhi:

Understanding User Psychology: Meet Your Happy Chemicals

As product designers, we aspire to build product experiences that are not only useful (solve a real pain point for our users) and usable (effortlessly allow our users to accomplish their goal), but u...

Dominic Nguyen / Inside Design:

How to test your design system

Check out this excerpt from Chroma's new design system guide, Design Systems for Developers. The post How to test your design system appeared first on Inside Design.

Inside Intercom:

Piecing it together: how to design cohesive onboarding

Onboarding is a holistic, ongoing process sitting at the intersection of many different teams: product, sales, marketing, customer engagement and... The post Piecing it together: how to design cohesiv...

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