Gail Axelrod / Drift Blog:

How to Approach Experimentation: Bite-sized Changes vs. Big Swings

Today on #Growth, Matt is talking all about experimentation. Specifically how to approach changes you might make to your site or product – bite-sized or incremental changes vs. going all out with big...

Kyle Lubieniecki / Mind the Product:

An 8-Step Framework for Product Growth by Sylvia Ng

As a product professional, your company is looking to you to meaningfully change the bottom line. But are you getting the results you want? Or are you putting in countless hours only to feel like you’...

Appcues Blog:

App Retention Is Hard. Here's How to Improve It.

We all know how difficult customer retention is to measure and improve. In this post, we'll give you strategies to improve mobile app retention.

Price Intelligently:

Pricing Perfection? Tearing Down Amazon Prime's Pricing

Boasting over 100 million subscribers, Amazon Prime is arguably the most prevalent subscription service in the history of mankind.

Erik Devaney / Drift Blog:

How  Glossier and Its Army of 1.8 Million Instagram Followers Are Conquering the Beauty Industry

A research firm recently estimated the global beauty products market to be worth $532 billion. That’s big. Really big. (For some perspective, the global digital marketing software market is estimated...

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