UX Collective / Medium:

Behavioral models to combat excuses for not doing UX research

Excuses for not doing user research thinly veil more systemic barriers to user-centered decision making.

ProductCoalition / Medium:

How to Provide Effective Support at Every Stage of the Customer Journey Map

Tips to organize customer support

Martin Eriksson / Mind the Product:

Creative Leadership by John Maeda

Moore’s Law isn’t really a law, but semantics aside it essentially stipulates that computers have been doubling in speed roughly every two years. The compounding effect of this doubling is sometimes d...

Briar Douglas / Inside Design:

Web copy tips for designers

Freelance designers, learn how to sell your services with words. The post Web copy tips for designers appeared first on Inside Design.

Sachin Rekhi / Sachin Rekhi:

The State of Customer Development

A decade ago Steve Blank authored the book The Four Steps to the Epiphany: Successful Strategies for Products that Win to share with the world his philosophy for building winning products: customer d...

Alex Hughes / Mind the Product:

Indecision in Product: How to Avoid Becoming a Bottleneck

A few years ago, comedian Aziz Ansari released a Netflix special called “Live at Madison Square Garden”. During his set, he joked about the effort required to buy a new toothbrush. Not just any toothb...

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