UX Collective / Medium:

The psychology behind the success of Fortnite

Fortnite is one of the most successful video games in history, and this success can seem surprising for many. I was the Director of User…

UX Collective / Medium:

Traffic light usability report —and how to communicate your test results

Sometimes when you are running some usability test is really hard to get quantitative results, and it's even harder to communicate results

Sean Blanda / Inside Design:

How Tia, one of the country’s hottest startups, launched with an InVision prototype.

How Tia, one of the country's hottest startups, launched with an InVision prototype. The post How Tia, one of the country’s hottest startups, launched with an InVision prototype. appeared first on Ins...

Claire Lew / Signal v. Noise:

What great managers do: Prune

Being a great manager and English gardening have more in common than you might imagine. If you want to improve your leadership skills, there no shortage of analogies that have been made about great ma...

Sachin Rekhi / Sachin Rekhi:

The Best Product Managers are Truth Seekers

One of the personality traits I value most in successful product managers is they are inherently truth seekers. Truth seekers have a strong bias towards discovering the truth being their primary moti...

The Product Experience / Mind the Product:

Outcomes Over Outputs – Josh Seiden on The Product Experience

A nice bit of serendipity this week: this week’s guest, Josh Seiden, had his new book (Outcomes Over Output) recommended in last week’s episode by guest Rich Mironov. While we didn’t plan this, it’s n...

UX Collective / Medium:

Getting UX buy-in: the art of asking for forgiveness, not permission

If you’ve never been told by a mentor or boss to “ask for forgiveness, not permission,” then you’ve been done a disservice. The first time…

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